Pay As You Go Prices

Off-Contract Prices for our Most Common Services

All services subject to sales tax




On Site Appointment Fee

10 miles from MNT Office $25
2o miles from MNT Office $50

On Site Hourly Fee

Per Technician $75
Per Expert Technician $100

Remote Support

Per Technician – 30 Min or Less $50
Per Technician Per $75
Expert Technician $100

Workstation Maintenance

Updates, Health Check, & Virus Scans $100
Add On Devices $25

Business Server Repairs

Hardware, Software, and Network Repairs for Servers $100

Hourly Shop Fees

Per Technician $50
Expert Technician $75


Simple & Quick $25
Complicated & Referrals $50

Physical Cleaning

Basic $25
Hazardous $50

Operating System Install

No Data $75
With Data Transfer $100

Operating System Clone

Cloned with Software $75
Cloned with Hardware $100

Hardware Repairs

Per Part, Per Hour $25

Malware Removal

Plus Antivirus Protection $50*

PC Optimization

Speed up & Malware Removal $75*

Data Recovery

Customer must supply media $50*

Expedite Fee

Front of the line service $50

* Marked services are a flat fee for up to 3 hours of service. Any additional time will be charged as an hourly shop fee. We will get your approval before we move forward, if additional charges will be necessary.