Commercial Services Appointments available for us to come to you, you to come to us, and remote support!

Server Maintenance

Whether you business already has a Server, or needs one built, it will need to be maintained regularly. Servers need weekly updates, antivirus scans, health checks, and restarts. We keep the server connected to the internet and available to be remoted into from any location. We are available 24/7 for emergency Server support for our Commercial Contract and Pay as You Go customers.

Server Administration

We keep all user and company information safe and secured. We have your passwords all in one place, so you always have a way to get into your accounts. We are available 24/7 for password retrieval, account lockouts, and removing users from your Server. We will make all of your logins, passwords, and accounts are accessible for the Server and any Software Programs that we administer for you.

Server & Database Backups

Cloud, local, and off site backup systems are available for businesses in the area. We offer automatic backup systems, with multiple backup locations, so that you never lose months or years of data. We can worth with the current backup system in place, add new systems, and help maintain the integrity of the systems you chose.

Computer & Device Repair

We LOVE computers, even when you don’t! Let us help you get your computer back up and running. Desktop PCs, Laptops, MacBooks, iPads, iMacs, All-In-One PCs, Tablets, ChromeBooks, Printers, Copiers, Network Equipment, Servers, and much more!

Networks & Security

We can install, maintain, and keep your network secured. Whether you live in an apartment, cottage, 2 story house, or even on a ranch, we can stretch your network as far as it needs to go! Concerned about security? We can implement passwords, device activations, antivirus, and firewalls to keep your equipment safe.

Printer Maintenance

Printers can be a pain! One minute it works and the next, your computer cannot find it. Printers need to be installed correctly the first time or there is a lot of “undoing” before fixing them. We can help keep your printer working and connected!

Data Recovery & Transfer

Did your computer break down and now you are worried you lost all your pictures and documents? Did you get a virus that has locked up your computer and you need your data off of it? We can recover most data from broken equipment and transfer it to whatever media you would like us to put it on.

Custom Builds & Recommendations

Anything from Custom Gaming PCs to recommending your new home office laptop, we can help you get what you need, AT COST! All of our recommendations and builds can be purchased at cost and all you pay for, through us, is the labor!

Basic Software Training

We can teach you how to use your computer, how to print documents, scan, type a paper on Microsoft Word, set up your email account on Outlook, and much more! We offer one on one classes or you can book us for your group!