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Please read the information below before signing. Client must have a signed form on file before any work can be started. Client grants permission to Midnight Technologies LLC to perform any action deemed necessary to repair the above-described Device.

Estimated Completion Time: Time estimates will be provided at the time of service. Midnight Technologies LLC will notify Client when the repair of the Device is complete. It is impossible to commit to a strict timeline for the completion of a repair project. Estimated Completion Time is affected by such things as incorrect or insufficient information given at time of check-in, preexisting condition of the Device, biohazard discovery requiring cleaning, missing power cable, need for additional parts discovered after commencement of work, delays caused by third parties, etc. Furthermore, Client agrees that Midnight Technologies LLC will be held free and harmless for any Device picked up before completion of service. Devices picked up before service is complete may be in an unassembled state and will not be reassembled on demand.

Onsite Appointments: Client understands that the time allotted for onsite appointments is determined by details given at the time of scheduling. If incorrect/insufficient information is given, Midnight Technologies LLC reserves the right to reschedule the appointment. Client will, none the less, still be charged the minimum fee $100. For all onsite appointments, Client will provide permission and access to all hardware with sufficient workspace to perform the required services. For network and/or camera systems, the network and all equipment constitute the “Device.” Midnight Technologies LLC is not liable for the condition or the state of any equipment associated with the network. Midnight Technologies LLC shall not be liable for any injury to any person or thing resulting from any of the tools and/or equipment used to perform services rendered to Client.

Remote Support Sessions: It is imperative for Client to have access to the Device, as well as being reachable by phone, throughout the entirety of the remote support session. Midnight Technologies LLC' charges begin accruing from the moment the session is begun until it’s completion. If Client is unreachable and multiple attempts are required to reach Client, the time spent attempting to reach Client is charged to Client. IF CLIENT IS UNAVAILABLE AFTER MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS, THE SESSION WILL BE TERMINATED AND CLIENT WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF THE EARNED FEE.

Custom PC Builds: Client understands that Midnight Technologies LLC will not keep warranty information on file and will not process any returns on parts after 30 days. On all custom builds, Midnight Technologies LLC will work with the client to choose the appropriate parts for the build based on Client’s budget and the consultation. Client is required to pay all distributors directly, upfront, for the build . Although Midnight Technologies LLC advises the specific items to be purchased, Client retains the right to choose the items they purchase. Midnight Technologies LLC will not accept returns on any custom builds. ALL CUSTOM BUILD SALES ARE FINAL.

Hardware Replacement: Replacement parts may be new, used, and/or refurbished. Most of the replacement parts used will be sold from a distributor directly to Client. Midnight Technologies LLC does not resell any items and will only do so at the client’s specific request and Midnight Technologies LLC’s approval. Client understands that in some instances involving hardware replacement, additional parts may be needed to successfully repair the Device. Any old or broken parts will be accepted as donations to the In-House Recycling Program unless Client requests otherwise at the time of pickup.

Loss of Data: Please be advised that it is the Client’s responsibility to understand the impact of upgrades to the operating system, applications, and utility software. Such upgrades can lead to incompatibilities and the possible loss of data. Computer hardware and software work together and incompatibility may not become apparent until a later date. Operating system installs, with a data transfer, does not guarantee all data will be transferred. Data not transferred is likely due to corrupt, missing, or invalid data, failing drives, or Client’s failure to inform Midnight Technologies LLC of ALL data to be transferred. Throughout the process of repair, data may get corrupted or deleted. Midnight Technologies LLC is not responsible for the loss of any data. Client is responsible for backing up all pertinent data prior to servicing. If Client requests that Midnight Technologies LLC back up data at the time of service, Midnight Technologies LLC does not guarantee that all data is backed-up or that data is safe. Client is responsible for the integrity of all of Client’s data.

Liability: Any time a device is accessed, there is risk of damage, including but not limited to, permanent loss of data or programs; total loss of function of the Device; and/or physical damage. Subject to any legal limitations, Midnight Technologies LLC’ liability for damage to the Device is limited only to any damage which is determined to be caused by Midnight Technologies LLC’ negligent acts or negligent omissions. Be aware that certain repairs may damage software and/or data installed on the device. This is to be expected and may require the re-installation of the operating system, programs, and/or data. Such requirements will be at an additional cost. Please note that Midnight Technologies LLC is not responsible for any unreported damage found once service commences, whether such damage is caused by the client, or is the result of another technician who previously worked on the device.

Privacy: The Technicians at Midnight Technologies LLC will not browse through hard drives looking at the client’s data. They may, however, inadvertently encounter personal or private data during the repair. Client is responsible for removing from the Device any personal or private files that the client does not want others to see.

Ownership: Client must own or be an authorized agent of the owner of the Device. Midnight Technologies LLC will return the Device only to its owner, or authorized agent, when the repair is complete. If it is discovered that a Device was stolen, Midnight Technologies LLC is obligated to report the theft to proper authorities. Midnight Technologies LLC reserves the right to cease further work at any time, for any reason. Client will certify ownership of the Device if requested by Midnight Technologies LLC and agrees to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of Midnight Technologies LLC ownership of any software that is to be installed or re-installed on the Device. Midnight Technologies LLC is not responsible if Client does not have proof of purchase for the Device, original software media, or access to Client’s online accounts.

Right to Refuse: In its sole discretion, Midnight Technologies LLC reserves the right to refuse work that is beyond the scope of its ability, the right to service to any individual for any reason, or for any other good cause.

Abandonment: Midnight Technologies LLC shall not be required to release the Device and related equipment until Client has made full payment for all services performed by Midnight Technologies LLC. In the event full payment for services is not made within 60 days, Midnight Technologies LLC reserves all legal rights to obtain payment, including but not limited to the sale of the Device and/or related equipment, in accordance with law, in order to recover the costs of the repairs and service. It is the Client’s responsibility to make satisfactory arrangements if the Device cannot be picked-up within the 60-day timeline. To the extent permitted by law, Client shall hold harmless and indemnify Midnight Technologies LLC from any and all claims, actions, suits charges and judgments arising out of the disposition of any Device and related equipment that is not picked-up within 60-days after completion of services. It is Client’s responsibility to notify Midnight Technologies LLC of any change in Client’s contact information. If satisfactory arrangements are made prior to the expiration of the 60-day timeline, Midnight Technologies LLC, in its sole discretion, may extend the 60-day period upon payment of a reasonable storage fee.

Service Guarantee: Midnight Technologies LLC does not offer refunds for its services. A limited 30-day guarantee is offered on all services rendered by Midnight Technologies LLC, unless specified on the Invoice. Programs, operating systems, or hardware on a Device are not covered. Midnight Technologies LLC does not maintain hardware or software accounts or receipts for Client as various venders offer individual warranties and/or guarantees for their hardware. Client will be liable for all charges incurred by Midnight Technologies LLC if it is discovered that a previously owned Device has an activation lock, unknown firmware password, unknown BIOS password, or any other type of security measure that was placed by a previous owner that prevents completion of the repairs. Midnight Technologies LLC’s 30-day guarantee does not apply to circumstances where the Client elects to disregard specific advice recommended by Midnight Technologies LLC. Additionally, attempted repair, update, exchange, or modification of the Device by Client or other companies and technicians voids this guarantee.

Non-disparagement: Client agrees that it will not disparage Midnight Technologies LLC. The term “disparage” includes, but is not limited to: reviews, comments, and statements made on social media about Midnight Technologies LLC that would adversely affect any manner of its business or reputation.


Date: October 20, 2021

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